Saturday 23 October 2021

Plenty of fur but no feathers

The plan was a week on the Isle Mull to try and photography otters and white tailed eagles.The early part of the week went very well we managed to find quite a few otters to watch and photography they seemed to be around most of the lochs. unfortunately by mid week the weather had taken a turn for the worst with heavy rain and strong winds which meant our eagle boat trips was cancelled. 

This one was a right poser 

It was quite amazing to see how much fish they eat this otter was eating ells none stop for well over an hour !!


This is a shot I took back 2014 it would have been nice to have another go with the more advanced 
equipment we have available today , makes a good excuse to go back :0)

Have a good week o:)

Friday 27 August 2021

Shetlands 2021


The red-throated Diver was another bird I was hoping too catch up with I saw quite a few on all the islands but not many photo opportunities.

Red-throated Diver loch of funzie Fetlar 

Charlie Watts 1941-2021 

Rest them sticks in peace Charlie thanks for the memories 

Sunday 1 August 2021

Local Kingfishers

 I decided to stay home this weekend and see if the local kingfishers wanted to play. As dawn broke Saturday morning I was ready and waiting I did not  have to wait long before two birds started fishing from the perches I had erected the evening before , both male birds one adult and one juv.

This reminds me of someone but Im not brave enough to say who !!!!

I quite expected the fish to be Rudd but on this occasion it was a small Perch 

Not the most comfortable of places to sit but very enjoyable and peaceful 

Have a good week :0)

Sunday 11 July 2021

Shetland 2021

The first few days of my Shetland trip was spent on Fetlar an island I have been going to 
since the age of 11 and has become a favourite place of mine.
Over the years I have  never been that lucky with the Phalropes until this year when it all came good with 9 birds showing well,feeding on the shore line and rock pools at low tide. 

Typical grey day on Fetlar 

Have a good week :0)


Sunday 27 June 2021

Hooligans of Hermaness

 Ive just returned from a few weeks in the Shetlands. one of the places I visited was Hermaness on the island of Unst. I originally went there to photograph the Gannets but soon became distracted by the many great skuas that live there.

Muckle flugga

Have a good week :0)